GenAI Capabilities

Offer your customers next generation GenAI today!

Foundation models have drastically changed the landscape of what is possible with video analytics. However, new technology brings new challenges which is why you need a trusted AI partner in your corner. 


Recognized Behaviours


Types of Objects


Maximum Camera Feeds


Limitless possibilities

GenAI capabilities feel a bit like magic making the impossible possible. Delight your customers today!

Edge Optimized

On-server and near-server deployment options. We work with your existing hardware.

Any Accelerator

We stay on top of the latest AI accelerators so you don't have to.

Predictive Analytics

By analyzing historical data we can predict potential security and operational issues.

NLP Search

Users can provide natural language queries to easily find relevant recordings.

Purpose built for integrations

Our platform is architected from the ground up to support integrations with NVR, VMS and business intelligence software platforms. Embedding our solution in your product unlocks new revenue and vertical opportunities.

Remember we supprt you, not compete with you! 

Software engineer integrating application

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most common questions we receive.

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